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Waterborne primer specifically formulated for powder coating
ferrous and non-ferrous substrates    

LOW VOC'S: environmentally friendly
THINS WITH WATER: saves on solvent costs
LOW ODOUR: improved working environment
NON-FLAMMABLE: lower insurance premiums
ECONOMIC: apply "ANOPRIME" at 10 - 12 microns film weight
ONE BAKE SYSTEM: apply powder film to air dried "ANOPRIME"
100% COMPATIBLE WITH WATER: equipment and spills easily cleaned
NO TOXIC ANTI CORROSIVE PIGMENTS: comply with Health & Safety regs

Independent tests indicate
that using an exterior grade Polyester powder with
 "ANOPRIME" performs as well as powder systems
 based upon the use of zinc phosphate  or a chromate rinse
 when subjected to 1000 hours ASTM B 117.
improves the adhesion of powder over galvanized substrates.

We are therefore confident that the environmentally friendly
Martex Water Based Primer "ANOPRIME"
(VOC's < 20grms/litre) will prove beneficial in your endeavours to
comply with both current and anticipated environmental legislation.


Send for free one litre sample today and see how "ANOPRIME"
protects and adds value to your investment.


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