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Martex Paints was established in 1982 by company Founder Terry Hickling, whose career started in the paint laboratories of one of the UK’s largest paint manufacturers, leading to running one of the first white electro-deposition plants in Europe. This extensive knowledge that has been developed within the company provides Martex with the R&D and processing knowledge to produce some exclusive coatings (Anoprime, Artpow & Galvaprime) that are unavailable from any other source.

Today they are one of the main suppliers to the Powder Paint industry. Martex prides itself on supplying competitively priced, high in quality, Epoxy Polyester, Polyester and Epoxy powders throughout the UK and Europe.

Martex has built a significant reputation through customer support and industry problem solving which has proved invaluable to many of our customers.

The success of Martex Paints includes the ability to offer new finishes stemming from internal R & D resulting in many export opportunities for the company from America, Asia and Europe.

In 2007, following a very sizeable input to numerous website forums, answering queries and problems for a world wide audience, Martex became an official contributor editor to an American website coating forum.

Martex is always looking at future developments and applications; the company understands the importance of future technologies within the coating industry. Martex is also associated with another company developing the powders for an Ultra Violet (UV) cured system; this is now operational in the U.S.A to coat MDF board. Martex’ further determination to provide industry is now also involved in developing the technical capabilities of Nano technology.

Waterborne coatings produced by the company include air-drying dip coating for replacement body parts and stoving black for original body parts.

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