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Anoprime is the only waterborne primer specifically formulated for use under powder coating. It is applied to metal substrates using an air-assisted spray gun, allowed to air dry for about 15 minutes after which an industrial powder coating is applied followed by a baking process.

The Anoprime primer, being a water-based material, is an environmentally friendly type of product having a "volatile organic compound" (VOC's) factor of less than 20 gms/litre. (Guidelines indicate that 480gms/litre are acceptable until European legislation dictates otherwise).

Another important feature of Anoprime is that it contains no chromates. This is because we considered early on during its R & D stages that the health and safety of the operator applying the material was just as important as the environment.

Anoprime contains non-toxic anti-corrosion pigments which is the reason that the product has such outstanding weathering properties, i.e.1000 hrs ASTM B117 & ASTM G85. The choice of resin system has resulted in exceptional adhesion to ferrous & non-ferrous metals.

Feature Benefit
Low VOC's environmentally friendly
Thins with water saves on solvent costs
Low odour improves working environment
Non-flammable lower insurance premiums
Economic applied at 10-12 micron film weight
One bake system


100% compatible with water equipment and spills can be cleaned with tap water
Non-toxic anti corrosive pigments helps to comply with health and safety legislation

Feedback from customers using ANOPRIME suggests that many operations they had to perform prior to applying the powder coating finish have either become obsolete or have been considerably reduced i.e. coating of galvanized substrates and aluminium castings.

We are still surprised by the ingenuity of our customers as we understand that when a colour change of a finished item is desired or for the refurbishment of damaged goods Anoprime removes the need for shot blasting or stripping by use of corrosive and/or dangerous liquids.

Certain colours in powder coating (reds and yellows) are now offered as heavy metal free but have the undesired property of poor opacity. Metal substrates that have a coat of Anoprime appear to exhibit improved opacity of the cured powder film when applied at the same film weight.

Anoprime will improve the efficiency of powder coating by overcoming the “Faraday Cage” effect.

Legal Note:   Please note that due to factors beyond our control (including cleanliness of metal and baking cycle etc), we do not offer any warranties or guarantees regarding the overall performance of incorporating Anoprime into a powder coating system and it is therefore left to the individual/company to assess for themselves that the use of Anoprime will be beneficial.



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